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Listeners from 44 different countries.

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Yeah. Our listners are from 44 different countries: The United States, Germany, Canada, Poland, Sweden, Spain, France, and many more.



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You are listening more than 90.000 hours a month.

Every month, our music stream is listened to more than 90.000 hours.

Whether at school, playing games, talking to friends or driving your car. We are always here!



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Best Sound

Using most modern technology, we can grant you with best sound quality.

Unique Team

Every day more than ten people do their best, so you can have the best possible music and assures that the radio is always being developed.

Best Performance

Thanks to our partner NxtServ we can offer you this unique performance.

Contact with our Community

For us, it is very important, that our Community may have a say too. If you have any questions or want to help developing, you should visit us our customer support on TeamSpeak or Twitter.


We do not play the same songs all day round, like all others do, but we dare to play older hits as well. We do even have liveshows and fitting music to every event!


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